Thursday, April 25, 2013

Call me shop girl.

Getting acclimated to a new city can sometimes prove quite tricky. Be it the language barrier, unusual climate or the general lack of familiarity with everything else, sometimes it takes ages before a new place feels like home. And then sometimes, things just click. You get along with the people, you love the weather AND it turns out you are a pro at driving on the wrong side of the road. Who knew Australia and I would be such a perfect match? I won’t pretend the driving issue didn't have me a bit flustered momentarily, though, but I really stepped up and showed that car who was boss. There was only one incident with the curb, but aside from the two curbs (which came out of nowhere) and the whole side walk mishap, I was good. Honestly, once you get past the whole "the wheel is on the passenger side" and the constant surge of paranoia that a car is going to come barreling over you every time you turn, it's cake. Really, really scary cake. 

I gotta tell ya, there's nothing like a double header on back to back weekends to remind you you aren't 14 anymore. It's really not the worst reminder though--14 wasn't my best year. Still, I miss having an infinite supply of energy. Friday we played at home against Cockburn, pronounced Co-burn (pity, I know, but it would've been too easy anyways) and it ended up being kind of interesting. Every now and then players have games where they find themselves in a zone, they are on fire and can't be stopped. I scored 47 points in Fridays game, but I am sorry to report that the only zone I was in was a shame free zone cause I shot the ball a lot. A lot a lot; like a bakers dozen, times three... minus 2. But more exciting than the obscene shooting was the win, extending our little streak and keeping me happy. And that's really the goal here. The next night we had another game and this time against an old college rival no less. Taylor Lilley is a former Oregon Duck shooting guard... and really, that's all you need to know about her...she's a duck. And while she is a very lovely person, some things are deal breakers I'm afraid. And so, to pay respect to the time honored tradition of Huskies despising and defeating Ducks, I was determined to win. We got up early by 20 or so but refused to close the door and let them sneak back in. With 2 minutes left it was an 8 point game and we were able to hold on and win by 10. I had 21 points and 10 rebounds in a miserable shooting effort on my end. There were a couple times I thought I was trying to break the backboard with some of my attempts, and I nearly did. Zero exaggeration. I ended up getting player of the week and a false promise regarding an accompanying gift card. I have received no such thing. Stupid award with no prize. Who wants the recognition without the gift?

These days, I am no longer just a basketball player. I've always wondered what that would feel like--it's not so great. You can call me shop girl. My first day was Monday and, I gotta say, I'm pretty dreadful. Dreadful might be the wrong word--let's go with inadequate. But give the girl an A for effort, hey? The thing is...okay so here's the thing: I don't understand a single word coming out of these people's mouths. It's like a foreign language, but worse, cause it's not, so I just feel dumb struggling to comprehend them while they stare at me indignantly. "You'd like cigarettes? No? Oh, you wanted fish and chips." So close. That's usually the low point, confusing every customer with a smoker. However, every now and then I get a cool customer who appreciates my misery and offers me a bone: "Oh I love your accent," they'll offer, to which I reply, "well if you like mine, you'd love yours." Usually the high point in my work day. I'm confident things will improve. But that is mostly founded on the premise that it cannot get worse.

So I finally had my moment with a kangaroo and thanks to my talented coach, we were able to capture the moment on camera! It was a historic moment for both the roo and myself, I dare say. Our eyes locked and I can't be too sure, but I think I saw him wink at me. I was a little disappointed when I couldn't persuade him to pose right next to me, but he was kind enough to pose in the same frame with me, and really that was enough. I'll forever remember that day as the day a kangaroo almost certainly did not wink at me. Good times.

I am living with my teammate Tucker now in her fancy condo since my coach was rather keen to kick me out. Can't blame him--his dog was beginning to love me more than him. Anyways, Tucks is great and has been showing me around the area. We took a lovely coastal drive to Perth the other day, on one of our rare off days (HA!) and went into the city. Goodness, we must have passed like 4 gorgeous beaches on the way though. This place is absolutely stunning and even my fabulous pictures don't do it justice. The city is great too with some amazing views from King's park where we took a stroll in the sun.

We play Saturday away this weekend and just the one game. Our club also has a men's team and they always play right after us, both home and on the road which is pretty cool, hey? Both teams are going to stay in the city afterwards to go out and hopefully celebrate a couple more wins. Tomorrow I will be taking in my first Aussie Footy game! It's not soccer, it's not football, but it is a marvelous blend of the two and I reckon it's the manliest sport I've ever watched. I'm pretty sure there are no rules, but I'm still checking on that, and there is a lot of hitting. Are ya sold yet? Look, I'm not a writer so if you want a more articulate description, google it.


  1. You get an A for effort. Love that you found yourself living close to the beach- your natural habitat.
    About kangaroos- I think you should try to hug one.

    Great action photos. Can you get one of the sweet little dachshund in a kangaroo pouch? I think this would make a great photo, and I'm fairly certain the kangaroo would not try to eat the dachshund.

    - Eric

  2. Thought I commented on this a while ago....

    Glad you're having fun. You need a rest from worries, and I hope this is proving to be one. Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping this blog so that we can touch in the intervening space...

    I hope to see you some day far away in the future....sob.

    Kim (my open ID credentials could not be verified for soem &^%$#!! reason)