Monday, April 15, 2013

Life down unda

Lycra. This is my nightmare. I can't imagine any scenario where wearing this promotes any variation of greatness. It's itchy and rubs in the wrong places, and while I'll concede that it certainly encourages a healthy diet (or simply not eating at all), it's a poor excuse for a uni. Fortunately this is NOT what my team wears. Thank God. I've posted my real uni below, and it's heaps better. Sorry for the disappointment, but you're welcome for this incredibly embarrassing image. Just further proof of my desperate dedication to keeping you entertained.

So I'm living in Australia now. I wake up every morning and actually remind myself of that. I've found it puts me in a proper mood to start the day. Feel free to try it--I'll admit you're at somewhat of a disadvantage not actually living here, but I bet you'll feel good for a second or two, and you can't put a price on that. For those of you counting, I've just jumped another 6 hours into the future, so if you got questions, fire away. I mean, I don't know everything, but I certainly know more than you guys still living in yesterday.

I've only been here 4 days, but I like it a lot already. I really got lucky with the team and coach again, as they have been incredibly welcoming and seem really fun. And the team is good, which is great cause who likes being on a crappy team. Nobody, that's who. I sincerely miss my girls in Germany, but I think I am going to have a great experience playing with these Aussies too.
Speaking of playing, we had a double header this weekend already. I landed Thursday night late and I had my first game with the girls Saturday. We didn't have a practice before the game either, so other than getting some shots up at the gym Friday, I was a little rusty. I played around 20 minutes and wasn't terrible, but wasn't too sharp either. I had 13 points and we won which was great. My body was a little confused though during and after the game. I think it still thought we were on vacation so it didn't handle the abrupt shift back to the court with as much pleasure as my mind. Sunday's game, though still a bit rocky, was an improvement for me. I had 22 and 8 and we won again and I got to shake off a few more cobwebs. We have a double header again this week on Friday and Saturday. For the few of you interested, there isn't live feed to these games unfortunately, but there is live stat tracker, and my mama assures me it's impressively efficient. Just go here:
Not sure but I think I forgot to mention what team I play for--Rockingham Flames--which I gotta say is rather appropriate cause it's been bloody hot since I've been here. I love it except when we play. Then it's just gross.

Life down unda is fairly different from life in Germland. I would say the most distinct difference is the training schedule. Here we only train twice a week. Yup, that's 2 times, one more than once, two more than nothing at all. It's no big deal though. Psh, I'm totally fine with it--not worried at all. I am actually really looking forward to having some quality me time and--OKAY FINE! I'm freaking out. I'm gonna fill that free time with shooting workouts and cardio. Ugh, I've got problems. Fortunately, Ryan, my coach, hooked me up with a lucrative alternative to killing time--a part time job at his Dad's shop. Starting next week I am gonna be a little Aussie shop girl. I hope I get a name tag, I really want to make up an awesome native persona and name her for while I work at the shop so I blend in. I know my British accent betrayed me, but I really think I got this one down. I nearly got the lingo mastered, so it's just a matter of practice. According to google, Amelia was the most popular name for baby Australian girls in 2012. That name happens to hold a dear place in my heart, so I am running with it. My life just got super exciting.

Likewise, my living arrangements here are unique, too. The American imports more commonly live with host families over here rather than teammates. I am living with my coach Ryan for the moment, just a temporary set-up till I move in with my host family, but it's actually not terrible. He has the cutest dog and a gigantic theater room so I've got all the necessities. He also lives quite close to the beach so that is wonderful too. I do get a car this week like I did in Germany (praying for a jackaroo) and yes, the wheel is on the other side AND they drive on the left side of the road. What is that? Ugh. This is gonna be miserable. But ya know, as miserable as anything can be in actually, pretty great.


  1. Absolutely hilarious. Your face in that first shot made me laugh so hard I almost peed. And the commentary just made it worse. Quote "It encourages a healthy diet, or not eating at all" ROTFLAP

    And as the rest of details of your dreamy life, Go kiddo!

    Questions? I could bury you. Are you the only Yankee on the team? Who consumes more beer- your German team the Aussie team? And do they actually drink beer during season? What things do you sell at your little shop? How does your g'day sound?


    - Me

  2. Gosh, the beach looks fantastic. You are having quite a life! Basketball and your adventurous spirit have opened lots of doors. Relieved to hear you like the coach and team, and what a luxury to be on a really GOOD team.

    Keep up the posts. It's lovely to hear from you!