Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Making lemonade.

I should’ve seen this coming. Call it naivety, call it sheer stupidity, but I genuinely believed that we were going to finish this season. But here we are, packing our bags and booking our flights, grieving over what could’ve been. Dying to know what happened? Good, cause it’s killing me to write this.

We were on the bus when we found out. After just losing to Marburg and completing our regular season schedule (qualifying for playoffs with a 7th place finish) we heard our season was over. Now, if this season has taught me anything, it’s this: men who wear suits are bad—do not trust them. Also, don’t believe everything you hear. I learned that lesson in 3rd grade too when Wally told me that Anthony liked me. He didn’t. I have been jaded ever since. Anyways, this time the second hand information was true, our season was effectively over after the Marburg game—our President pulled us from playoffs due to insufficient funds…and because he wears a suit and is bad. 

So no playoffs, just like that. Still processing this fact and something tells me it's gonna take me a bit to get over. I feel like I should have something more meaningful to say about the end, something encapsulating of what this season has meant to me, despite all the ups and downs, but I just don't. Perhaps once I am more removed, but for now, I just hurt.

Marburg was our final game of the season, and for some, the final game of their careers, unbeknownst to them at the time. With the exception of the loss, it wasn’t the worst game to go out on—we competed and were up most the game, and had opportunities to tie/win, but came up short. I finished with 23 points. Our previous game, our last home game, was against Rhein Mein and was an exciting win for our fans and us. We lead the whole game, though not by much, and were able to pull away at the end. I had 26 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 7 steals and was player of the week.

Things happen quickly out here. Saturday we heard that our season was over and Tuesday was our farewell party where fans and players could meet and reminisce on the season. It was hard, I’m not gonna lie. Seeing so many people in tears and distraught by what was happening was emotionally taxing. On the other hand, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to see most these people for probably the last time in our lives. This season was just another brief chapter in my life, but it’s been one of my favorites, in large part because of those people.

I ended up finishing first in scoring and steals in our league, with 19 and 2.7 respectively, but honestly, this season was a far greater disappointment than last year. Sure last year we didn’t make playoffs and we weren’t that good, but there also weren’t really any expectations. This season though we were good and capable of winning the championship. AND we earned our playoff spot. Had we not been penalized the 5 point deduction, we would have finished in 3rd place. I suppose though, our club would still be financially insolvent, so that fact becomes irrelevant. I loved this team and my coach and it makes me sick to my stomach that we won't get our chance to finish what we started. 

This season has been unusually dramatic and so I've heard my fair share of platitudes from friends and family alike, attempting to console me. It's thoughtful, but a person can only be told to make lemonade so many times. Normally I am totally a lemonade out of lemons girl—I mean who doesn’t like lemonade, such a delightful beverage. But in this instance, if you offer me that in lieu of comfort, know I’ll probably find a real lemon and throw it at your face. Just sayin. However, I will do my best to fashion a silver lining out of my season unceremoniously ending. Being the worldly woman that I am, my silver lining has become traveling. Sidney and I aren't going to Greece until May, when we thought I would be finishing up playoffs, so I've got some time to kill. Our suit wearing president is kicking us out of our apartments after our guests leave Monday, so I am going to relocate to Viernheim where Sidney lives and do some additional traveling and visit some friends (making lemonade).

In the middle of all this chaos, both Morty and I had visitors come. Morty's mom got here March 13th and Chris came to visit me on the 26th. The four of us went to Dublin for Easter weekend and had an incredible time. We spent Easter Sunday at St. Patrick's Cathedral for service which was phenomenal. We did what every Christian does after Easter service--went to the Guinness storehouse and learned all about brewing beer! It was quite the experience. Friday and Saturday was spent seeing the city, taking a bus tour and enjoying the Temple bar area. Dublin really is a beautiful city (sorry no pictures, the internet hates me right now).

Morty's mom left us this morning but Chris and Morty don't leave till Monday, so the 3 of us are going to travel a bit more. We head to Munich tomorrow and from there we'll go to Innsbruck, Austria and then maybe Zurich, Switzerland before making our way back to Wolfenbuttel. It goes without saying that I would much rather be playing than traveling, but being unemployed now as I am, I figure I ought to pick up a new hobby. Gonna give this making lemonade thing a try.

Looks like this may very well be my last post then for this season. Perhaps I will post pictures and charming anecdotes from my travels, lord knows I'll have time. If not, thanks again for the support this season and following along. I intend to continue playing again next season, and of course, once I know where, I will update all 20 of you. Till then, I hope everyone has a fantastic Spring and Summer and keeps in touch elsewhere!

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  1. Well that's, I dunno what's the right phrase here? ..."Soul Crushing" perhaps?

    These past couple of weeks I could feel something wasn't right. It was just a sixth sense thing. I was going to send you a message but hesitated.

    If there's anything I can do (from 20,000 miles away) you name it!

    I'll be thinking about you.
    - Eric