Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bowling is for suckers.

Hello old friends. Boy, I've really become a slacker with this in my old age. I blame genetics. Sooooo, last time I wrote my charming prose I believe I elected to do so in the underrated format of bullet-points, no? My old age also has seemingly curbed my previously apt ability to arrange my thoughts with any amount of continuity; ergo, the favor of the bullet-points endures. Take it in, it could take me a year to gather the energy to write another post.

*We finally lost a game this season.

*And then two games later we lost again.

*Sami no likey the losing. Fortunately we won out after that and finished 20-2 going into playoffs.

*I'm 26 these days, if anyone is counting.

*I recently saw the movie sex tape. Don't. That's all I have to say about that.

*Paul George's injury is absolutely horrific and heart breaking and it disgusts me that people are posting the video on the line.

*I you-tubed it.

*I sprained my back whilst racing go karts. Yep. Got the doctor's note and everything people, this is real life.

*I am playing in Germany next year for Wasserburg, the German champions.

*That means I will play Euro-Cup, which is a big deal for me (cue applause sign).

*Someone already wears #32 on the team though. Apparently they can't just take it from her and give it to me. Something about unprofessional blah blah blah. I'm peeved.

*I will be taking new number suggestions as I take the time to properly make my selection.

*It's been raining a ton here lately, so I've been able to maintain my healthy cadaverous luster.

*Our team took a six hour road trip to the outback for a weekend to watch our men play.

*We ran out of gas on the way back. I was not impressed.

*I made a friend named Swag.

*She's another American import in the league who formerly played in Germany as well. She shares my irrational obsession with One Tree Hill and overalls. She gets me.

*Swag surprised me with a bowling night for my birthday. So she only kinda gets me. Bowling is for suckers. Anyone can chuck a ball at some pins and knock em over. But I'm not a follower, so I like to see how many pins I can leave standing. I'll ask you to pump the brakes on your judgement before trying it... you might be surprised at how tough that actually is when you've got my natural athleticism and brute strength.

*I actually had a blast despite somehow coming in last out of the group. Both times. I'm still stunned a 96 didn't get me at least 3rd. Especially since it was my birthday. I mean what happened to common courtesy? Barbarians.

*We finished regular season 20-2 and in first.

*We played 8th seeded Willeton Saturday and won. Game two is Friday at home, and when we win we advance to semis.

*I went to a James Blunt concert. Turns out I wanna marry the guy.

*I happened upon some footage of me my first year playing. It's too good not to share.

*Yes, I'm the ogre trying to dribble.

*I still haven't quite nailed the lay-up yet. Fortunately I lost the hideous knee pads.

*I fly to Germany August 31st. The championship game here is the 29th.

*After all the rumors and movement this off season, Lakers added Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer to their roster. We aren't even gonna pretend to try, I guess.

*I got a swedish massage last week.

*I'm still besties with a sausage.

That's all folks. Next time we catch up I'll be in Germany trying to remember the language I barely learned the first time. Scheisse! Whoops (some things you can't unlearn). Take care!


  1. I'm sure Guenther will suggest #20!

  2. Dave says 23 (MJ) (and 32 backwards), I say 31 (our God is three in One).

  3. "my healthy cadaverous luster" funniest thing you've ever said.
    And the photo with snausagedog is the best. What a phenomenally great cuddler he is!

  4. Dirk wuerde die 41 nehmen.
    Cojones! Don't fear the wiener!

  5. Sami you should wear number 25 in memory of your friends jeff Collins for teaching you those b ball skills so many years ago at chumash park! Seems like you are doing great, live all the pictures!!!