Monday, April 28, 2014

Is anybody there?

Um...hello? Does anybody still read this? I can't be sure, but I don't care too much since I only write this to satisfy my own narcissistic whims. I also thought a quick post would clear up any rumors or worries that perhaps I was no longer alive. Four months is an awfully long time to catch up on though, so I would like to try a different format for this blog... one that includes bullet points. I really think bullet points get a bad rap. Pity. we go.

*I'm back in Australia.
*Season has started and we are 9-0 currently. Yep. We're pretty good.
*I work at the store that I worked at last year in my free time. I now speak fluent Aussie.
*I went to an Eminem concert in Sydney. It blew my mind.
*I'm still best friends with my coaches sausage dog. We take lots of selfies.
*I will be playing in Europe again next season.
*I don't know where yet, so relax.
*My mom arrives tomorrow and is visiting for a month.
*We haven't seen each other in almost two years. Our airport scene will be epic.
*She's 100% going to be in tears before she even sees me.
*I won't cry.
*Not because I'm heartless, but because I recently watched Toy Story 3 and I'm all cried out.
*I am taking my mom to Bali Wednesday for her birthday. And because I'm awesome.
*Hopefully that last point encourages more people to visit me.
*My hair is very blonde these days.
*I'm still accepting care packages in the form of cash donations. Things are pretty tight.
*I'm totally kidding. I don't need your cash. But a box of goodies is always delightful.
*If you aren't clear on what goodies means,  don't me. I'll give you an itemized list. Please don't send me random crap.
*I'm coming home for Christmas this year. Clear your calendar. And then fill it up with cool stuff for us to do.
*I can't believe it's already May.
*I can't wait to see my mom.
*I am planning to backpack through New Zealand after season before I go back to Europe.
*I just did two weeks of camps for my club and have concluded that kids are the worst.
*Seriously. Have they always been this way?
*I finally finished How I Met Your Mother. Way to go writers, even I didn't see that coming.
*But one cool twist doesn't make up for a largely depressing final season.
*NBA playoffs are fantastic right now.
*Was I the only one really disappointed in American Hustle? More like American Snooze, am I right? Ok that joke didn't really work like I thought.
*I had a delightful Easter. I went to church in Perth with friends and then spent the day with them in the city. God is good.
*One of my oldest friends from middle school recently got engaged. So that was cool for her.
*I miss Seattle.
*I miss home more.
*My best friend created his own awesome App called Players Coach. Get it. Otherwise I'll de-friend you.
*Has anyone heard of this book called Kite Runner? I just read it. It's fantastic. I bet they end up adapting it to a movie. You heard it here first.
*Who's missed my comedy? Raise those hands proudly. Don't worry, no one can see you, so no one can judge you.
*I started biting my nails again. Then I stopped. But now I am biting them again.
*I'm obsessed with the rubik's cube again.
*I'm in the process of inventing a contraption that will scramble the cube for you after you complete it. You're welcome.
*I'm a huge fan of this new format.
*Donald Sterling is a douche.

Alrighty folks, I think that should answer all the important questions. If not, feel free to comment, remembering I reserve the right to ignore the stupid ones. Hope you are all well!


  1. -I like this format, too, especially if it means you would post more. Photos are nice, but not necessary.
    -I cried at the end of Toy Story 3, too. If you cried, that means no one can resist.
    -So GLAD you're coming home for Christmas!
    -I loved American Hustle, but Searching for LLewyn Davis was my favorite film of last year.
    -So glad you got to go to church on Easter!
    -I've heard of Kite Runner, but am afraid to read it. Is it depressing?
    -The reason you bite your fingernails is that you have trouble sitting still.
    -Love the idea of the Rubik's Cube scrambler. I bet it would have sold like hotcakes in the 80s.
    -I'm excited about your visit with your mother! I already miss her. Take good care of her. (I know you will.)

  2. You're not dead. Yay! Nothing against dead people (except the smell).
    "selfies with sausage dog" -yeah that we never get to see.
    I wanna go with you to Kiwi land! I can fit in a backpack if you make two leg holes.
    Make some good memories with Mum!

  3. Jason told me you were dead. Glad to know you're alive!!!

  4. Still reading Bam! Miss ya! :-)