Monday, October 31, 2011

Put me in, Coach... just somewhere else.

Monkey’s gone. What a relief, right? As charming as my bitter diatribes were (and I don’t need you all to tell me they were, I know), it will be nice to post a slightly more upbeat blog. Where to begin—hows about with our first win.  Try and keep up now.

Donau-Ries is a good team. We were down a starting post (my roommate who “mysteriously” got Mono) so we were  tinkering with a new line-up. Fortunately this included moving me to the wing. FINALLY. As fun as it was having that much control of the ball, the whole more turnovers than points fiasco sort of trounced the control. We weren’t perfect, but we were determined. And, I dare say, we finally gelled. We also damn near gave the game away at the end. Instead, we grasped tightly to a 3 point lead and celebrated our long awaited first victory. Our league has this victory tradition here where you do a series of bows as a team to thank the fans. Neat. I also did something that game that I had yet to do this season, and I know this will come as a monumental shock to a pair of coaches: I fouled out. Best believe I did it with all the flair and excitement any Whitcomb foul-outing brings (chasing opponents down after my missed shot or tackling girls to get my turnover back), except this time there was only 45 seconds remaining in the game and not 3 minutes left… in the 3rd quarter. I’ve come a long way.

We had a short turn around after the Donau-Ries game—the following week we had two games starting Wednesday. This is where I tell you about my near fateful encounter with Dirk! Let me begin by saying that this week began “cup” games in Germany, which I will explain thoroughly later, but essentially it is just a mini play-off with every team (division 1-3) here…so not really mini at all. In fact, it is rather large and spans a few months. You understand though. Anyways, our first one was Wednesday in Wurzburg, Dirk’s hometown. Can you say fate? I can, but the only thing my teammates could pronounce was stalker. Tomato, tomahto.  Not only did we play in his hometown, but we practiced in the gym he uses when he is home!  I knoooooow. Things were looking reaaaaal promising (here comes the near part). Now, your appreciation and understanding of my “near encounter” experience is going to be based largely on your interpretation of the word near. If you prefer the more literal usage, like some educated bore, let me prepare you for disappointment now. However, if you are one of those people that confuses their, there and they’re and still can’t comprehend that special Effects Affect you, you will surely be satisfied with my hyperbolic misuse of near. Basically, that was as close as I got—poking around the gym he occasionally utilizes in the town he grew up in, a town he no doubt rarely visits since it’s dreadful. In this instance, I am using the very literal definition of dreadful. F. Y. I.
While I did not experience my first uncomfortable, clammy handshake (and inevitable phone number exchange, let’s be real) with Dirk in Wurzburg, it did give me a different first: a triple-double. Nope, I am not referring to the consumption of some obscenely gigantic burger. Child please, I accomplished that first YEARS ago. Wurzburg is an unfortunate division two team here, so 14 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists become less impressive, all things considered. We won by 55 in a grossly inequitable game that perhaps we are the worse for participating in. But, if nothing else, it was an opportunity to practice our execution and prepare for our league game Friday at Saarlouis. I didn’t know this going in, but my coach had never beaten Saarlouis since he has been with the Chemcats the past five years; evidently, they have been dominant in our division. Incidentally, this year appears to be the end of said dominance, which worked out nicely for us. That being said, our win against them Friday was hardly easy. But we were resilient and battled. If you are counting like I am now, that makes us 3-0 with me NOT playing point guard. You know what that is? It’s proof positive that I should not be passing, but rather should be passed to. Hard to argue facts. Below is how I celebrate: I climb shit. Don't let my teammates boost mislead you, I got that high on my own, no thanks to my boots. They mighta been made for walking, but that is IT. Zero pole grip. 

My college teammate Heidi is visiting this week. She plays in Germany for a division two team now about 3 hours away and her teammate is engaged to one of the players on our men’s team in Chemnitz. Small world.  But, ya know, not really... cause it’s so big and all.

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe Halloween. They don’t really celebrate it here like Americans do. Don’t get me wrong, girls still take advantage of the opportunity to transform an otherwise respectable profession into a slutty enterprise (nurse, doctor, fireman, house-keeper, cheerleader, teacher) but the whole trick or treating thing doesn’t really translate. I guess the idea of disguising their children, sending them out on the streets alone in the dark to knock on strangers’ doors demanding disgusting amounts of candy (sure to be contaminated by the seemingly harmless cat-lady that makes all her treats) doesn’t really appeal to people here. Weird. We did carve pumpkins though while watching Hocus Pocus. There are some things I will never be too old for. 


  1. Found this team site...complete with box scores and everything..and in English which helps us hopeless Anglo-centric fans:

    Big game coming up on Nov 5th...2nd ranked team in the DBBL. Good luck and congrats on the move off PG.


  2. Brian!

    Thanks! Oh I am glad you found a helpful site. Thanks for the continued support. Yes, very big game, very big opportunity for us. Keep us in your prayers. And I saw your email, I will look into it and get back to you soon!


  3. I laughed my ass off at this part-

    "...I fouled out. Best believe I did it with all the flair and excitement any Whitcomb foul-outing brings (chasing opponents down..."

    And I'm laughing now as I read it again.

    And it's nice to be back to the cheerful posts. Even when you're bitter and down you're still sorta happy, but you really shine (and apparently climb shit) when you're happy. So yay for that.

  4. You laughed because you have seen me play, so you know it to be true!

    Yes, yay for being happy and climbing.

    Bball season starts soon, excited? I know one of your freshman players really well, and she is a stud. Erika Johnson. Cheer loudly for her!


  5. I saw you foul out once, but it was the first time I ever saw a foul-out and thought they were just picking on you. And then some older guy in front of me yelled "Bye, Bye Samiiiiiiiii !!" And I was probably thinking, hey why is everyone picking on this nice Sami person?
    Little did I know. ;)

    First game on Thursday. I'll make some noise for Erika. I'll probably see her often because the rec center and athletics share the same hallway below Haas.

  6. Someone said that? How rude. Little did you know? Please. I am nice.

    Woah, Thursday huh? Exhibition? Or first real pre-season game? If you ever get a chance to chat with her briefly, be sure and say you know me and I say hi!

  7. Okay, got my fix for a few days....anxiously awaiting the next post!

  8. Those pumpkins are really rather artistic. Thanks for another entertaining read. Love the pictures!

  9. It was an exhibition game against Vanguard Lions. They're from the OC.
    Erika got a little court time, but it seems to be very hard on the player when they get called in late in the game. Like jumping onto a speeding train.

    - Eric