Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Farewell unemployment.

Hello dear friends. My goodness, it feels like a lifetime since I last put finger to key and updated you. And even though I have not received pleas from any of you demanding news or seeking information (it seems you all have lives), I've taken it upon myself to disclose the most relevant details surrounding my future adventures. But first, just in case our unbearably long separation has indeed expunged me from your mind, allow me to rouse your memory. I am Sami. I play basketball. I...I...well actually, that about covers it. Now, onto the facts.

Fact: I am no longer unemployed. Fact: I will be playing in Germany next season. Fact: I will be playing for Wolfenbuttel not Chemnitz. Fact: I am blonde again. Fact: Sarah Morton, my college teammate, will be my teammate this season. Fact: I am finally, for lack of a more suitable word, tan. Those are the facts.

I have had a truly spectacular summer so far working camps, helping out with my HS team, and spending time with my friends. I even completed a triathlon. Surprised me too, I know. My teammate from the Chemcats, MJ, also visited. Seems like I blinked and the last 2 1/2 months flew by.

I return to Germany August 5th, but I leave SoCal in two weeks for Seattle. I haven't been there in over a year so it will be borderline fantastic returning there for a friends wedding, a basketball camp and quality time with some of my favorite people.

That is really all I got for now. Assuming there is still an overwhelming interest in my life once I leave, I will pick up with the blog once I am back in Germ. Till then, I hope everyone is having an amazing summer! Go USA! (ya know, cause the Olympics...)


  1. What!!?? I'm CONSTANTLY demanding information and news. That's what I specialize in.
    Oh you meant regular normal people.
    Goodbye Chemnitz and goodbye to those awful red uniforms. That red color plus that brown hair dye looked terrible. I can say that because a) That's over and b) you don't know where I live. Turrrrible.

    The husky duo will accomplish great feats.

    And you damn well better keep up the blog.

  2. I love your brutal honesty. Just another reason I am glad we barely know each other, haha.

    Yes, you do inquire! And I appreciate it :)

    No more brown hair no more red jerseys...glad you are sold. I will keep up the blog, no worries friend :)

  3. I am looking forward to more blog posts too. I love your writing, and it's great to hear your adventures.

    What is your new mascot?