Monday, March 12, 2012

And then there was one.

With peaks come valleys, right? So I guess losing our last two games now after winning 4 is par for the course? Our game at Halle was pretty embarrassing for us defensively. Until the final 5 minutes or so, it was a 10 point game, give or take, so it was always within reach until they went on a run and closed the door on any comeback. We just could not guard their two best players—their post player had 37. Yup. One of their guards had 36. Uh huh. It wasn’t like their shots were uncontested or easy—their guard could not miss and made tough shots, and their post was just stronger and more athletic than ours. We should have played a zone, but what do I know. I was back at PG this game again because Mary hurt her knee in the previous game. I had 20 points, but I didn’t do a good job facilitating the ball and running the offense this game. 

Our Rhein Main game ended the same for us (with a loss) but was a different story in terms of our struggles. No one player killed us, rather we killed ourselves. Coach decided to start a different girl at PG this time, which I was pleased about. However, this is a girl that generally doesn’t play at all. I want to say that we started the game with like 5 consecutive turnovers, so I was eventually moved back to the PG spot for most of the game. After being down 10 after the first quarter, we outscored them the remaining quarters, but not by enough. MJ had 25 points and was really the only one to do anything well. I took 5 shots and had 6 points and 9 rebounds.

And then there was one. We have our last game of the season this Saturday at Rotenburg. That will be around an 8-9 hour drive including stops—the longest of the season, heck the longest of my life outside of driving home to Ventura from Seattle.  I am not particularly thrilled about this and I am incredibly hopeful that they drive us out the day before so we have time to recover, but my gut says they won’t.

My bed broke this week and I gotta tell ya, it was like the worst way to be woken up. Alright alright, I am SURE there are worse ways, but this ranks up there. Let me break it down for you. When it comes to sleeping, I am very much a woman of habit—I always sleep on the right side of the bed and I cuddle up next to the edge. This is exactly how I was sleeping when it happened. It was about 4:30am when the left side of the bed just collapsed, transforming my mattress into a slide. I woke up somewhere between the snapping of the wood and my own rolling toward the floor. I am only here for another week and a half and I didn’t feel like complaining, so now I am sleeping on my mattress… on my floor… in the middle of my room.  

Nick gets here in 10 days, he stays for 4 and then I take off for my trip. All of my travel plans are now booked and I am very excited about it. But, I will wait till next week to outline everything.

It's selection Sunday people! Get your brackets ready :)


  1. I could make a joke about your collapsing bed, and how giving up junk food sooner than Lent may have saved the bed. But teasing girls about their weight is not a real smart thing to do- even if you're safely out of range of retaliation as I am. So no jokes. Clearly, the prime suspect would have been whoever used to sleep on the LEFT. Right?

    You're great. Win that Rotenberg game despite the adverse conditions.

  2. Oh Eric, Eric, Eric. You disappoint me. The foundation of our relationship has been our spirited exchange of insults and quips! Don't get soft on me now! I left that one wide open for ya... no one sleeps on the left though sadly. However, a teammate occupied this bed before me, so I am thinking it's her fault.

    You're great ma friend. Thanks for the well wishes! Take care :)

  3. It was toooo easy. You left the door wide open, with dinner on the table, and a mint on the pillow. Too easy.

    I'll getcha. Money in the bank. There's a big ol' bullseye on your big bedbreaking butt.

    For the record, let's say a nameless Serb pre-broke the bed.