Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paris or bust.

I like being right. And I usually am, but it really never gets old. Before our game Saturday, I told one of my teammates that I’d be both upset and surprised if we didn’t win by at least 15. We won by 18. I was misinformed about one thing though that I posted in my last entry: we got our new post for this game, not our new PG. Sooooo, I was back at point. Greaaaaaaaaat. I don’t even mind anymore, I have come to terms with the fact that I just have to play whatever position they need, game to game. We were solid as a team and had a lot of players contribute: I had 18 points, 8 assists and 5 boards—suck on that Daniel Finan. If you are wondering what that means and your name is 
NOT Daniel Finan, then stop, and mind your 
business. Rotenburg was 5th in our league entering our game, but mostly cause they’re unpredictable. Undersized, they are scrappy and rely heavily on their outside shooting—they live and die by the 3 as they say, and at any point, any one of their guards could get hot. They also predominantly run a 3-2 zone, which has given some teams problems. Still, I don’t think they are very good and it baffles me that they were in 5th place… baffles me. We went out and celebrated that night what was only our 3rd win of the season (I know, I know, dismal). But I do love this team, mostly. C’mon, it’s a group of women, no chance we ALL get along.

I moved into Sam’s old apartment so that our new post (Serbian) could live with our other post (also Serbian). Did I mention the new post does not speak English? Just Serbian. Yup. Kelly is my new roommate and she has a cat. You might remember that I have a hamster living with me these days… so far, they seem to be getting along. Staring contests are typical.

There is something special about old friends and reconnecting with them after a lengthy absence from each other’s lives. Course, at my youthful age, 2-3 years seems rather long—consequential still, since I only actually remember like 15 of my 23 years so far. I suppose the older you get though, the length of “significant” time extends, proportionally, making a lengthy absence like…a decade. Memory lane becomes memory marathon and that’s just exhausting for everyone trying to recall when you last spoke and how much of each other’s lives you have missed. I’d also imagine that catching up with old friends, friends of your former self, becomes less enticing and, perhaps, even disheartening the older you get. At my age, reminiscing over the brazen things we tried, the idiotic dares we accepted back then—things that we could still get away with doing now—is entertaining. But, there’s just something about a 40 year old taking a dare, even for the sake of “old times”, that seems…I don’t want to say irresponsible, but I will say ill-advised. When you are 23 it is both comical and rewarding revisiting old shenanigans while acknowledging our impressive maturation. On the other hand, by 43, maturing simply becomes a euphemism for stretching, sagging and generally having more of everything…everywhere. Something about remembering smaller waistlines and faster metabolisms that loses it’s allure.  Am I right? (Yes, yes I am). Fortunately, I have yet to reach that threshold, so I still enjoy reconnecting with old friends, and recently I did—maybe you picked up on that. Shout out to Bryce Currie, my first college boyfriend and good friend. Always a treat that guy.

What could be better than Christmas in Paris? Christmas in Paris AT Disneyland. Boom. Yup, your mind is blown. I just one up-ed myself. I didn’t even know that was possible. And I am not talking about the Paris in Texas that few people know exist and even fewer would ever visit. I mean that one in France. Yeah. No bigs. I head out Monday, so this will be my last post until I come back at the end of the month. Sorry bout it. It is going to be magical and I can’t wait to share my adventure with you all when I return.

Freiburg is this weekend, so we are on the road again for a 6-hour bus ride. Freiburg was the team we played at season opener. I have been waiting for this game since the moment that game ended the first time we played them. Some of you might recollect (certainly Ryan Bolland will) that I had 8 horrendous turnovers that game, 4 of which were at the hands of their PG. She is averaging 6 steals a game this season, so she has been pickin girls pockets all season, and I look forward to facing her again and redeeming myself.

I’d like to wish everyone a splendid holiday! Take care, and talk to you next year. J


  1. Merry Christmas!
    Happy New Year!
    Beat Freiburg!
    No turnovers! unless they have apples in them.

    If you have a dull moment on the way to the Magic Kingdom I left you a fb message.

    Looking forward to next year's adventures.

    Yer pal,
    - Eric

  2. Thank you Eric!!

    Oh man, I totes forgot about that message! I suck, sorry. I will get on that asap!!

    Have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year friend!