Monday, November 21, 2011

Old Habits Die

So I've just turned into a walking cliche. I know traditionally the impulse for dramatic hair-style changes comes as a swift result to a devastating break-up of sorts for women (I am sooo not that cliche); but mine instead comes from the sad and misguided notion that my immaterial exterior revision, if you will, is somehow a profound manifestation of a mirrored internal change. I think a therapist would simply tell me I feel a lack of control over things in my life--new coach, losing record, frustratingly unpredictable neck "injuries" and a migraine. Maybe that is why I started biting my nails again... but just my thumbs. They aren't real fingers anyways. Old habits die hard. Stupid saying. My habit might be old as hell but it refuses to die, just look at my crooked bleeding thumbs. This isn't hard, it's just hardly gonna happen. Back to the hair, I know blondes have more fun or whatever, but I think that only applies to the natural ones. I think if you are a chemically altered blonde the only thing you have more of are visible roots. I was going for Kristen Stewart brown (at least two people will think that is funny).

I love my cousin. But more than love her, I am incredibly jealous of her. Yep, jealousy trumps love--every time. She is beautiful. She is smart. She is tough as crap, and it's charming as hell. And she is real, no drama, no BS. Best of all, she totally gets me so I always feel relief when I am around her. She was here this week with her boyfriend Mitch. Mitch and I actually graduated high school together... we didn't so much as hold hands while accepting our diplomas or anything, but same school same year sorta thing. I have never had so much fun being a third wheel. Juuuuuust kiddin. No one puts Sami in a corner. I managed to make their visit mostly about me. I envy them though, just packing a bag and taking off to Germany for two weeks. Has to be an incredible experience. They helped put some things in perspective for me though, like how lucky I am to be over here. That, and how amazingly large my bed really is--it comfortably held the three of us as we laughed ourselves into comas. Seriously, drunk babies don't sleep better.

I know you all laugh at me when I suggest that I am getting old, but seriously, it is sorta becoming ridiculous. I was at weights Wednesday night just working on my traps (hope that leaves you with an awkward image) when I pull something in my neck. To be honest, I literally do not know what I did, I just know I couldn't turn my head... at all. After a series of inexplicable, but rather suitably obnoxious groans, I decided my biceps could wait and I called my trainer. "Pulling muscles is common during heavy lifting", he assured me. What about during average lifting, I wondered? I'm no sissy, but I don't know if the amount I was lifting at that moment qualifies as heavy. Just sayin. Anyways, with some physical therapy I could sorta turn my head enough to practice the rest of the week. And then, just as quickly as Kim K divorced that random athlete she married, a migraine hit me like a ton of bricks. It had been over a year since I had my last and I can still remember how awful that one was, too. I am told they are stress induced. Good thing I nipped that in the bud by taking control and dying my hair.

Our new coach starts tomorrow night. He is 25 and was most recently the coach of a Division 2 team here in Germany. I literally have no idea what to expect. We still have more than half of season left to turn things around, and I am praying that he is the catalyst for our comeback.

Thanksgiving is this week, and while they don't celebrate it here (before asking why, think about it for a sec) we are still going to have a Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday night since we have it off. Should be fun and a nice way to reconnect as a team. Speaking of holidays, I just got my flight confirmation for my Christmas break. The club pays for our travel during Christmas, so I thought I would take advantage of that. As much as I would love to spend those two weeks in Ventura, I decided a free trip to Paris might be more fun, no offense. You can imagine how I must have struggled with that decision; a real doozey that one. Look, if you expect me to keep this blog entertaining and fresh, I gotta do cool crap.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week. I am grateful for all my amazing friends and family (you people). Try to take some time in between 2nds and 3rds, and heaven forbid 4ths, to remind the people you love how important they are. You know my email ;)


  1. I like the hair! I think the hair color God gave you is always the most flattering. He should know.

    I used to get migraines whenever I got a stiff neck, so I think they're related. That and bright light were my main triggers.

    Happy Thanksgiving. We will miss you here!

  2. glad you like it. yes, God would know :)

    i think they are related too, but who knows if that is why i got the migraine.

    i will miss you too :) but i will be thinking of you

  3. Well you're having a wicked ride on the roller coaster of life- up, down, up, down, all around. And aren't coasters hell on the ol neck. The old wooden ones are especially brutal. Next time I'm going to squeeze in between some curvy girls with hips.

    Hey Ventura- Sorry you lost out to Paris, but hey, you lost to _Paris_France, not Dunashbe, Tajikistan. Can't feel toooo bad.

    And finally, before I pronounce summary judgement on the new hair- more photographic evidence is required- a variety of styles and arrangments if you please- Towel dry, fluffed, night on the town, and fell asleep on the bus should do it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    If I'm anywhere with a connection, I'll shoot you a msg.