Thursday, August 18, 2011

The end of an era.

Prague was divine. I really don’t know how else to describe it. The buildings were stunning; the colors seemed more vivid and much brighter. I still can’t believe I went. Doesn’t Prague just sound so…so cultured. So worldly. Does the fact that we ate at Hooters while we were there undermine the experience? Don’t judge me, I needed my ranch.
The ladies in the picture are my teammates, minus the one in white. We bussed 3 hours both ways, walked for 7 hours and it was absolutely worth it.

By now, I am thinking that every one has guessed I will be wearing #7 this year—if so, good for you, way to put two and two together with the whole picture of me in the #7 jersey.  I don’t think I need to say just how incredibly monumental this change is—it’s like the end of an era, if you don’t count those 2 awkward years in college when I had to wear #20… and I don’t since that interferes with my whole dramatic era ending platitude. It’s a pretty cool number though I think. I am sure it will grow on me.

So the whole ‘i before e except after c’ thing evidently doesn’t apply in German (really threw me for a loop). I mean, you grow up thinking one thing your whole life and then boom! Suddenly it’s wrong.  Everywhere I look its “Leipzig” this or ya know, some other appropriate example. What's next? Where will they draw the line?

I went to the bathroom the other day at this restaurant (this is going somewhere good, hold tight) when I noticed a vending machine of sorts next to the sinks. Amused, and hungry admittedly, I peeked into the machine while recalling how much change I had in my bag, when I saw what was being sold. Ahem—condoms. They can’t figure out the whole ice thing, but condoms in a bathroom, sure that’s practical.

I was asked out today…or at least I think that’s what happened. There I was, playing ping pong in front of my apartment, with what I thought was a trusted stranger, when bam! There was some mention of “night” “free” and “city” complexly if not confusingly mashed together amidst German and what I can only assume was his thinly veiled attempts at flirting. Alright alright, let’s address the elephant in the room: what about Dirk. I know, I know. I promised myself to Dirk so it wouldn’t really be fair to him. But with season coming up soon, I fear my busy schedule won’t be conducive to fostering a successful, long-distance relationship. Notwithstanding my commitment to Dirk, oddly enough I still felt compelled to decline the offer for a free night in the city. At least I think I said no. I can’t be positive.

I have only been here 19 days? Is that even possible? I’m no mathematician, but the amount of things I have done here multiplied by the amount of fun I’ve had must equal more time here surely. That has to be a theorem.

We have our first 2 preseason games this weekend. I’ll be playing point guard. I know what you are thinking—do I get the assist if I’m passing to myself? That was my first question, and while I don’t think the Coach much enjoyed it, I got a good chuckle, though no answer. Seriously though, quit laughing, I can hear the scoffs through my computer. I know I am not your typical PG, but I’m not really your typical anything so this should fit. I’ll keep you posted.  


  1. oooh, a game!

    I can't read anything BUT the 7 on your jersey.

  2. Great post- very funny. Loved it. You were in good form today.

  3. Kim--those other things on the jersey are our sponsors so i am not surprised you can't read them.

    Eric--you are just so darn sweet :) thank ya friend

  4. Hi, just got an account so I can write. I can not wait for the new installment.

  5. Why didn't I know you had a blog!?!? I feel as though you have deliberately been depriving me of yourself.

  6. emily you are such an impressive online stalker that i knew you would find me :) i could never hide from you