Friday, July 1, 2011

And they say you can't go home again...

Well I did. So sue me. And I have loved every minute of it. I haven't been home for this long since I left for college, I almost feel out of place at times. And yet there are moments when it feels like I've never left at all. As much as I am loving my time at home, I can't wait till July 28th.

It has been about 25 days now since I have been home and working out. Boy am I glad I got another month. Thankfully, I feel better than I felt 25 days ago, but unfortunately, that is saying very little since 25 days ago my Nana coulda beat me 1 on 1. Seriously. Nana's got game.

I got my new camera for my upcoming travel adventures. I have already taken an obscene amount of pictures, much to the chagrin of my friends. They will thank me later. It is a pretty nifty camera and until I've got Germany to photograph, these people will have to do. :)

                            At a wedding with Jen! We decided everyone
                                       looks better in black n white.

                                                        Dodger game!

My German is really coming along. I still don't know any, but I don't know quite as little as I didn't know before. That made sense in my head. I am sure once I am immersed in it, I will really start to pick things up. That, or I will just never talk.

There's no way I am never talking.

I've got 28 days until I take off... just enough time to turn 23, work Perry/Vaughan basketball camp, see the midnight showing of the final Harry Potter and eat inordinate amounts of In n Out. I'll hate to say good-bye, but somehow I think I'll find the good.

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  1. -German Quiz-
    Translate the following
    "A midget tried to kill me with a poisoned dart."
    "I can give you an exciting haircut for 100 euros. "
    "Eat this microfilm- I think we're being followed."
    "There is a rude and offensive vegetable in my salad."

    More likely you're learning useful words you might hear on the court. Based on my comprehension of the sport some of these might be- Catch!, Go, run, shoot!, look out for #44 that looks like a 30 year old man.